The Bird Barn is centrally located in the heart of New England. We offer unique handmade bird seed wreaths, BIRDseed CYLINDERS, BIRD SEED CYLINDERS, bird seed cakes, bird seed treats, bird seed ornaments, and bird seed Christmas gifts or any holiday gifts for bird lovers. All of our birdie bird seed gifts are made using the finest bird seed. We have a wide variety of bird seed wreaths and bird seed wreath shapes including Bird Seed Sunflowers, Bird Seed Wreaths, Bird Seed Hearts, Bird Seed Cupcakes, Birdseed Stars, Pine Trees, Birdseed Christmas Trees, Holiday Wreath, Garlands and more. All of our bird seed wreath products make wonderful bird seed Christmas Gifts for any bird lover. Visitors to our website at can register for our monthly bird seed wreath drawing or for more information. All of our birdie bird seed wreaths and bird seed gifts and bird seed wreaths are available to be purchased for wholesale. Thank you for visiting The Bird Barn.